Welcome! And thank you for visiting my blog!  I hope you will find inspiration, stories of love and hope, pretty much all the happy emotions you can name, all mixed in with pretty pictures.  Florist adorns spaces with flowers. And I adorn life with photographs.  So sit back, grab a cup of warm tea, and take a trip where you never even knew you wanted to visit... 



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No, that’s not my bed. Because I learned that my bed will never look that pristine. I learned that white sheets will never fly, and our night table tops will never be clear of clutter. And my husband and I share opposing views on pillows. His philosophy: the less the better.  He has forbidden me […]

 We met online. On a platform that shall remain nameless (yes, I’m a little embarrassed). We dated for a while, then I broke it off.  I was uncertain he was the one. But then, life has a funny way for slapping you in the face and screaming, “wake up! He’s the ONLY one”.  He was […]

There’s a reason I love shooting with natural light in golden hour.  I think this family session exhibits why.  And it’s no mistake that they are dressed to the T!  They were coached ( by yours truly).

One of my favorite aspects of photographing family sessions is that I get to see the kids grow and their personalities start to shine thru the portraits. I have photographed this sweet family of 8, including twins and teddy bears, since the youngest turned 1! It’s such a delight (and challenge) to see them play […]

2016 holiday portrait season is in full swing, and it’s only October!  Can I tell you how blessed I feel to be able to partake in creating these memories?  I absolutely love seeing my clients year after year, seeing their kids grow, and on some level, feeling like I too, am part of that family. […]

It was technically fall. But the beach was packed, the weather was warm, and the vibe was definitely Southern California beachy! And this was not their first time at the beach. In fact, almost every session I’ve done for this beautiful couple has been here at this exact location. The Seal Beach Pier. I mean, […]

CHRISTMAS is by far my favorite holiday.  I mean, by far, hands down, no question about it, it will forever be my favorite holiday.  I ask myself why that is, and although I can’t pinpoint an exact reason, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with feelings.  In general, and I know there are […]

I had the pleasure of photographing Ceci when she was born. in fact, she was only my second newborn session ever! LOL. I love their parents for the immense trust they place on me. Then, thru the years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing other events, like her first birthday, christmas portraits, pumpkin patch fun, […]



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