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I thought I loved weddings. But then I shot my first elopement!Shirley and Anthony and a few of their closest friends and family made the journey from the East Coast to the West Coast to celebrate their intimate yet stunning elopement. The backdrop was the Santa Rosa Plateau, a hidden reserve in Murrieta, California. The […]

So see for yourself, do you prefer black & white or color? Or maybe both? Which one evokes more emotion?

When I first talked to the Bride Lauren about her dreamy Laguna Beach wedding, I knew it was going to be epic!  I just wasn’t prepared for how absolutely stunning it was going to be.  She got ready at Pacific Edge Hotel, a cute chic hotel on the water’s edge in Laguna Beach. Her bridal […]

There’s no question that Southern California brides have endless options when getting married.  They can choose to get married in a Vineyard in Temecula,  a private residence with Gorgeous ocean views or a huge Yacht in Newport Beach.  Either way, your bridal portraits are sure to be stunning!  This Newport Beach wedding on a Hornblower […]

No, that’s not my bed. Because I learned that my bed will never look that pristine. I learned that white sheets will never fly, and our night table tops will never be clear of clutter. And my husband and I share opposing views on pillows. His philosophy: the less the better.  He has forbidden me […]

Promise me this: you’ll scroll till the end and won’t hold it against me for COMPLETELY overdoing it on this blog post. I just couldn’t narrow it down. It was THAT good! So just grab a glass of wine (very fitting) and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The beautiful lighting. The beautiful faces. And most of […]

 We met online. On a platform that shall remain nameless (yes, I’m a little embarrassed). We dated for a while, then I broke it off.  I was uncertain he was the one. But then, life has a funny way for slapping you in the face and screaming, “wake up! He’s the ONLY one”.  He was […]

Lauren & Keith are both from the east coast.  And so am I. So naturally, it was a match at first sight.  When I first met Lauren we instantly hit it off, and we started wedding planning right away over avocado toast and delicious lattes (that’s so west coast, lol).  She wanted Fall & Rustic […]

This wasn’t just another wedding.  This was my best friend from Grad school.  She called me one morning and asked me out for breakfast. I was thrilled to catch up, as it had been way to long.  But when she popped the question, I almost fell out of my seat with excitement. “Of course, I […]

I first met Kimi at a coffee shop. And we instantly connected, talking about everything except weddings!  I don’t even think I had to sell her my services, she knew we were a match!  On her wedding day, I pulled up to her drive way in Pasadena and instantly knew this “backyard” wedding was going […]



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